Technical Assistance Branch fact sheet

The Technical Assistance Branch is responsible for developing and managing the technical assistance programme of the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions in accordance with the relevant mandates provided by the Conferences of the Parties to the three conventions.

Thus the Branch is responsible for the identification of the needs of developing country Parties, and Parties with economies in transition, in implementing their obligations under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions.

As part of the technical assistance programme, the Branch manages the implementation of capacity building and training activities, including workshops, webinars and on-line training, as well as the development of the relevant training tools and materials.

The Branch manages the regional delivery of technical assistance, with a particular focus on supporting the regional centres established under the Basel and Stockholm Conventions, including their selection process, the facilitation of  guidance to centres, the promotion of effective collaboration and cooperation among the centres, as well as the processes for reporting and performance evaluation of the centres.

In addition the Branch is also responsible for managing partnerships, especially through identifying and establishing relevant partnerships for the delivery of technical assistance.