Annual joint meeting to enhance cooperation and coordination between the regional centres under the Basel and Stockholm conventions

Meeting Objectives

  • To promote the enhanced coordination and collaboration among the regional centres such that it ensures the best use of the expertise of the regional centres to strengthen regional delivery of technical assistance;
  • To promote networking with various partners, networks that are involved in assisting parties in implementing chemicals and wastes related MEAs;
  • To initiate a discussion on the specific technology transfer needs of the parties, the current situation of technology transfer under the Basel and Stockholm conventions, strength and limitations of the regional centres in promoting technology transfer;
  • To identify and initiate discussions with the stakeholders that can play important role in the transfer of technology.

Target Audience

Directors of the Regional Centres under the Basel and Stockholm conventions

Working Documents

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Provisional Agenda64.62 K
Programme69.54 K
Report235.62 K
List of participants105.14 K


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Meeting objectives152.74 K
Following up 2015 COPs on Regional Centres185.5 K
Status of Minamata Conventions296.42 K
UNEA-2 Outcome918.98 K
Synergy arrangement review debriefing113.16 K
Following up on 2015 regional centres meeting68.72 K
Status of technology transfer by regional centres97.59 K
Case study: SCRC Spain6.45 MB
Case study: SCRC Kenya10.76 MB
Case study: SCRC Czech Republic4.24 MB
Case study: BCRC/SPREP1.43 MB
Case study: BCRC El Salvador8.67 MB
Case study: BCRC-SCRC China2.35 MB
Case study: BCRC Caribbean266.17 K
Case study: BCCC-SCRC Uruguay12.43 MB
Case study: BCRC Argentina587.97 K
Case study: SCRC Brazil14.49 MB
Chemical legislations and technology transfer3.2 MB
GRULAC network of BCRC and SCRCs1012.11 K
RECEPnet – Engaging Industry and Business2.01 MB
Regional subprogramme coordination on chemicals and wastes3.23 MB
Group discussion summaries81.61 K


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Report235.62 K

Meeting Documents

  • Working Documents
  • Presentation
  • Report


More than 38 participants from 22 centres attended the meeting. The meeting was also attended by partners from Chemicals Branch of UN Environment; the Minamata Secretariat; the Special Programme Secretariat; the Economy and Law Divisions, and Chemical and Waste subprogramme of UN Environment; and KemI, the Swedish Chemicals Agency. The meeting was conducted in a highly interactive manner in a workshop mode leading into very practical recommendations on how to facilitate better coordination among the centres and their engagement with the secretariat for a strategic planning on effective implementation of the tasks mandated by the COPs and how best to network with the regional partners.

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Annual Joint Regional Centres meeting - October 31-November 2, 2016

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